600-E® Regular Strength Hair Growth Inhibitor

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STOP HAIR GROWTH! 600-E® contains a powerful substance which is formulated to shut down the receptors responsible for hair growth activity (the pathway through the T-5 alpha-reductase receptor). By blocking chemical instructions, cellular proliferation and mitosis during a critical developmental stage, the entire growth phase (anagen) can be prevented. This formula has shown substantial efficacy on secondary and post-secondary hair growth types (hair which emerges from the body following puberty between the ages of 18 and 38 years. 600-E® offers a highly localized (site specific) treatment. It may be used to treat hair growth on shoulders but not impact the chest area. A 90 ml kit will be adequate to treat the average man's chest and abdomen (or the average woman's legs) for 30 days. Recommended dosage is to apply a thin layer (do not massage or rub into the skin) and allow to dry. Apply twice daily for the first 14 days, then once daily thereafter.